I live in a 865 sq. ft. 1 BR 1 BA apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The physical building is probably about 20 to 30 years old; there is much puttying and patching evident under the paint. Combine this with a mid-80's attempt to do some fashionable remodeling, and the result is a sort of Gothic Art Deco. This is why I chose this particular apt. complex.

The walls are much-patched plaster, painted antique white (or similar) and the ceiling has medium-grade texture and is painted base white. The floors are charcoal grey carpet and 1' black and white linoleum tile, laid diamond-style in the kitchen and checker-board in the bathroom.

The space appears to be dark, yet is actually very well-lit (the magic of track-spots!). Most of the fixtures use either a 50 watt floodlamp or a 15 to 20 watt fluorescent.

Updated 8.1.99
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