Bad Pokémon Jokes

Q. What do you call a Jamaican who goes around
      jabbing people with his finger?
A. A Poky-mon.

Q. What do Pokémons do with an Amtrak schedule?
A. They Pika-chu-chu.

Q. How do Unix Pokémon edit code?
A. With Pico-chu!
         I am not the only person to come up with this joke!

Q. What is the Unix Pokémon's special attack?
A. Grep Foo

Q. What do you call a voyeur with an allergy problem?
A. A Peek-achoo.

Q. What do Pokémons tell people who stare at them?
A. "Why don't you take a Pik-cha, it'll last longer!"

Missed Marketing Tie-Ins

Taco Bell - the Pikachalupa
Little Cæser's Pizza - "Pika! Pika!"
General Mills - Jiggly Puffs cereal
Purina - Meowth Mix

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Q:Where did you get the Pikachu-fur wallpaper?
A:The answer is, of course, that I held a live Pikachu down on a scanner.
It objected to this as you might expect, so I had to wait until it had finished zapping at me, then take a quick scan while it recharged.
I got a good shot of it's aura, too.

Thanks to IK and LP for their contributions. 

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