Lights vs. Plants
as of 11.28.96
Location Light(s) Plant(s) Pot Size Name(s)
Studio Area (track lights)2 x 50R20/PL'Corn Plant'
  Dracaena fragrens
Snake Plant



Silent Sam

Studio Area (torchiere)300 watt T-3 type
Glass Box by Patio Door 50R20/PL

The Sun


Finger Plant
  Philodendron Bipinnatifidum
Belgian Evergreen
  Dracaena sanderana
2x Philodendron cuttings
  Philodendron scandens



The Colonel

Herr Flick
Von Smallhausen

Patio DoorParlor Palm
  Chamaedora erumpens




OutsideThe SunPolka-dot Plant
  Hypoestes phyllostachya
Left Channel
Main Speaker
FLB17 Philodendron cutting(glass of water)Dendrite
Where I Sit50R20(me)
Right Channel
Main Speaker
FLB17 Philodendron cutting4"
Top Of Bookcase
In Hall
Dragon Plant
Devil's Ivy (like Pothos)
  Epipremnum aureum
Hanging From Hall LightYew
Dwarf Coconut Palm
Rubber Plant
Asiatic Jasmine
2 x Ivies
Floating Forest
BathroomF15T8-KBScheffelara 6"Scheff
BathroomF20T12-WWIvy cutting

Heartleaf Philodendron
  Philodendron scandens

water bottle




Above Bathroom Mirror/
Up Towards The Shower
2 x 40A/W-ALIRC
50R20 (45 ° off-axis)
8" fan
Kitchen / Stove2 x F20T12-CL

About The Plants:

Cornplant is the infamous "Dead Plant from Hopper's." It had died down to just one small sprout, and sat behind the counter for many months. When Hopper's went out of business in August 1994, we hacked off the tall dead log with one of the big kitchen knives, and I took it (the plant, not the log) home, put it on the patio (which I seldom frequent) and promptly forgot about it. After a year or so, I happened to notice it had quietly gone about growing and was now about 2' tall. I brought it inside during a hard freeze, and it has been on the table next to the computer ever since.

The Colonel, Hans, Greuber, Herr Flick, and Von Smallhausen are named after characters in a mid-80's BBC sitcom called "'Allo 'Allo", set in German-occupied France during WWII. [Hans died Sept. '96, Greuber died Oct. '96]

About The Lights:

The GE 50R20/PL is a 50 watt incandescent bulb in an R-20 reflector flood package (same size as a standard light-bulb, but shaped like an Erlenmeyer flask) - the /PL suffix denotes a "Plant Light" coating. - from the Gro & Sho line

The GE FLB17 is a 16 watt 4-tube cool white compact fluorescent array with a 700 lumen output (compare to a 60 watt incandescent). It is adjusted to simulate Soft White by enclosing it in a glass bulb with a color-correcting coating and contains a ballast/starter in the base. - from the Light System 2000 line

The GE 40A/W-ALIRC is the standard 40 watt Soft White bulb (490 lumens). - from the Lightstyles for Lifestyles line

The GE F15T8-KB is an 18" fluorescent tube (1" dia.) in the Kitchen and Bath color. - from the Kitchen and Bath Ultra line

The Philips F15T8/CW is an 18" fluorescent tube (1" dia.) in cool white.

The GE F20T12-nn is a 24" fluorescent tube (1.5" dia.), where nn is CL for cool white or WW for Warm White.

The generic T-3 type is a 118 mm quartz-halogen tube; I think this one was mfg. by either TDK or Sylvania.

The Atrium
Where I Am
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